It is the page of the privacy policy of Tsukubahotel.

Basic Policy

In light of the importance of information security and the protection of personal information in an advanced information society, we manages and protects information that the company possesses under the following policies.

The Purpose of Compliance Program to Protect Personal Information

(1) (1) When we request and use personal information, we define the management system of personal information.

(2) We define rules of protecting from illegal access to personal information, lost/destroy/alter personal information and so on.

Activities of the Organization

Our activities to protect personal information are the following.

(1) All employees must understand the privacy policy and preserve it.
(2) To protect personal information, we set information security policies and train our employees.
(3) To achieve to protect personal information, we ask corporation to our clients and business partners.
(4) Anyone may read the policy anytime on our website.
(5) We review and improve the compliance program.

The Management of Personal Information

(1) The Purpose of Usage
Tsukuba Hotel Ltd. uses personal information to contact the guests, use it to improve our service, and use it for information transmission.
(2) Limitation of Providing Personal Information to the Third Person
Personal information we collect will be shared in the group of Tsukuba Hotel. However, we shall not provide personal information to the third person except for legal reasons.
(3) Careful Management
We carefully keep personal information, and we protect personal information from illegal access, lost/destroy/alter personal information.

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