• Where you can feel freee to use at night Reasonable appeal Tsukuba Hotel
  • In less than 30minutes go to the main area ok Tokyo
  • Easy access and reasonable prices We use our many people overseas.
  • UENO Thukuba Hotel
  • OKACHIMACHI Station Hotel
  • IRIYA Station Hotel
  • OHOTUKA Station Hotel
  • Hotel ITAMURO

If electronic money including Edy,iD,WAON is looking for a usable hotel in Ueno and Asakusa; tsukubahotel.Firefighting (proper) facilities
tsukubahotel is a budget hotel close to kindness, relief, the convenient station led by downtown areas of Ueno or Asakusa.
Electronic money including Edy,iD,WAON is a usable hotel. Cable broadcasting LAN and wireless LAN are free of charge! The environment that is convenient for a cloud is regulated well.

What’s a capsule hotel
Around Rental Cycle Infomation.
Around bathhouse Intomation