Riding a bicycle, let go to the tourist resort of Ueno and Asakusa!
In Taito , we have conducted a bicycle rental business in four locations bicycle parking of wards,
There is also popular with locals and tourists .

Rental cycle information

◆ Hours
Lending accepted : AM 6:00 – PM 8:00 ※4 hours final acceptance of the rental until 16:20 .
Return accepted : AM 6:00 – PM 8:30

◆ Available more
1.People over junior high school students
2.Bicycle rental of Terms of Use , safety and it is no problem

◆ What you need
1.Usage fee
2.Identity verification documents Public institutions issued , documents with identification photo

◆ Bicycle rental fee(September 2, 2013 revised edition )

Fee structure
About return overdue
The loan 4 hours
The day 100yen,Since the next day 300yen/1day
Day only(The return to until the day of 20:30)
3 days rental(Up to 72 hours)
7 days rental(Up to 168 hours)

3 days use of rental 7 days rental , that storage location of the night of the bicycle can be determined will be the conditions of the loan.
(Street left disabled)

Sumida park bicycle parking.

Address   Taito-ku, Tokyo Hanakawado 1-1 underground

Phone number 03-3814-4031

shinn Okachimachi bicycle parking

Address   Taito-ku, Tokyo Kojima 2-21 destination underground

Phone number 03-3863-4345

Oki Okachimachi bicycle parking

Address   Taito-ku, Tokyo Higashi Ueno 1-14 destination underground

Phone number 03-3835-4128

Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station south bicycle parking

Address   Taito-ku, Tokyo Asakusa 1-25 destination underground

Phone number 03-3845-7555