Campany Information

  • Company Name      Tsukuba Hotel Ltd.
  • Zip Code          111-0041
  • Address          7-8 Mottos, Taito-ku, Tokyo
  • Telephone         03-3834-2556
  • FAX            03-3839-1785
  • President         Yoshio Saito
  • executive         managing director:Mitsuko Saito
    Director of General Affairs Department director :Tsutomu Saito
  • affiliated company     Kyougan Ltd.
  • member organization   Association of inn life hygiene trade associations society of the whole country Federation of Japanese sightseeing inn Tokyo Tours foundation
  • WEB

company history

About the company historyThe history of TsukubahotelGive me reference.

Company idea

We contribute to fire prevention, disaster prevention, crime prevention, community activities, and the employment of the middle-aged people.

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