• Where you can feel freee to use at night Reasonable appeal Tsukuba Hotel
  • In less than 30minutes go to the main area ok Tokyo
  • Easy access and reasonable prices We use our many people overseas.
Notice of closing due to the influence of the new coronavirus

Thank you for staying at Tsukuba Hotel.
Due to the effects of the new coronavirus,
Hotel ASAKUSA & CAPSULE and OKACHIMACHI Station Hotel and IRIYA Station Hotel andOTSUKA Station Hotel will be closed.
If you would like to make a reservation, please call the hotel which is not closed.

  • UENO Thukuba Hotel
  • Hotel ITAMURO closed

If electronic money including Edy,iD,WAON is looking for a usable hotel in Ueno and Asakusa; tsukubahotel.Firefighting (proper) facilities
tsukubahotel is a budget hotel close to kindness, relief, the convenient station led by downtown areas of Ueno or Asakusa.
Electronic money including Edy,iD,WAON is a usable hotel. Cable broadcasting LAN and wireless LAN are free of charge! The environment that is convenient for a cloud is regulated well.

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楽天トラベルでのご予約はこちら The guidance of Capsule Hotel Rental cycle around Tsukuba hotels Tsukuba hotels around bathhouse guide Tsukuba hotel chains Facebook Tsukuba hotel chains are equipped with WiFi in all of the hotel. HOTEL ITAMURO