About reservation guidance to Asakusa, Ueno Tsukubahotel.

Method to pay

Please pay by cash at the check-in counter. We do not accept credit card.

Change / Cancel

You can change your reservation anytime you want. Cancellation Charge is the following.

No Show・・・50%
Accommodation Day・・・50%
1 day prior to accommodation day・・・20%
2-9 days prior to accommodation day・・・0%
20 days or more prior to accommodation day・・・0%


Q.Are there any non-smoking rooms?
A.There are no non-smoking rooms, but please let us know if you like a non-smoking room.
Q.Do you keep my luggage which I send by delivery service?
A.Yes. We keep your luggage at the front desk. Please let us know at the check-in counter.
Q.Do you keep my luggage after I checked out?
A.Yes. We keep your luggage until the end of the day

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